Get skiing …. on Mount Glungezer!

Powder snow and sunshine – what more do you need for a perfect day’s skiing? Glungezer has always been my mountain right from when I was a kid.

The lift might well be 50 years old but like a true and reliable friend, it carries me up to 2,300 metres (7,500 ft.) above sea level without complaint. And there’s no greater pleasure than the downhill run. The perfectly groomed natural snow pistes on Glungezer are legendary.

Beatrix Glungezer08

Beatrix Glungezer07

Beatrix Glungezer05

I look down from Schartenkogel: the view of Voldertal valley and the many mountain peaks of the Tux Alps never ceases to fill me with awe and with wonder.

Beatrix Glungezer04

Superb downhill runs lie below and a glance up to the 2,677-metre (8,782-ft.) summit above makes me want to click my boots into my touring bindings and walk up to the top – ‘just’ 300 metres (984 ft.) in elevation gain lie between me and the peak.

Beatrix Glungezer03

Then there’s Kalte Kuchl – I don’t think there’s a steeper T-bar anywhere else in the world! It always makes me a bit nervous, but that’s probably just because of childhood memories. However, the piste down is my insider tip!

Beatrix Glungezer06


You soon get past the steep stretch anyway, and then you can soak up the winter sun. Absolutely splendid!


And to round off a perfect day’s skiing, I stop off at the alpine hut for a drink and delicious snack. Now what more can your heart desire?

Beatrix Glungezer09

„Und wann der Schnee staubt und wann die Sunn’ scheint, dann hob’ i ollas Glück in mir vereint. I steh’ am Gipfel schau’ obe ins Tal. A jeder is glücklich, a jeder fühlt sich wohl.“ 🙂

(Wolfang Ambros/„Schifoan“, famous Austrian singer who sings about the pleasure of skiing)