Everything about elderberry – with recipe for elderflower syrup

Why is the elderberry a little miracle? Because it is versatile –  and a useful, medicinal and ornamental plant that everyone knows!

From elderberry you can conjure a variety of culinary delights, whether from flowers or berries. Elderberry, elderberry syrup, holster grapes, jam, cookbook, liqueur, flower jelly or the dried flowers as a remedy.

The most popular is probably the “Holersirup” the elderflower syrup and the elderflower tea. The flowers contain flavonoids and essential oils. A glass of elder flower syrup mixed with water is a refreshing summer drink, the tea works against feverish colds and relieves irritating cough.

Elderberry shrubs are excellent pollen suppliers for wild bees as well as honeybees, beetles and insects. Overall, the are a valuable nursery for many species of birds and mammals – just a small miracle!

There are many elderflower recipes – today I present you my recipe, handed down by my grandmother:

Ingredients for 3 liters of elderflower syrup (“Holersaft”)

2 l of water, 16 elderflowers, 10 dag of citric acid, 2.5 kg of sugar, 1 organic lemon, possibly mint or lemon balm

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For the preparation of the elderflower juice, collect the elderflowers and the lemon balm if possible in sunshine, as the heat can help to fully develop the aroma! Do not wash the flowers.

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Put flowers, mint, a sliced organic lemon and water in a bowl and cover with a cloth. Leave to stand for 24 hours.

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After 24 hours, drain everything through a linen cloth, and squeeze the mass (flowers, mint, lemon) in the cloth.

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Add the sugar and the citric acid to the now slightly yellowish, fragrant liquid and stir again and again until the sugar  dissolves completely.

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After this step, bottle the syrup is bottled.

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If you want, you can also add untreated lavender flowers or rose petals. What a delicious, refreshing summer drink!

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